Musical Interlude - Celebrating Manhood

I can’t read music, and I don’t play an instrument. But I do love to play with audio editing software! So I took a break from transcribing and editing interviews to make a song. I wanted to have some fun while playing with the theme of alternative understandings of masculinity. Please enjoy!

I used Soundation and some of its included loops, plus some drum loops from The Loop Loft. I used a couple of synth loops uploaded to by user SHATT3R. The spoken word audio files came from The Internet Archive, including “The Fight,” a 1950 episode of the radio drama The Saint with Vincent Price, a couple of sermons, including “Act Like a Man!” by Christopher, and “Attempted Murder of Manhood” from Connect Church, plus a recording of Ruth Golding reading Chapter 5, “Marriage,” from Mental Efficiency and Other Hints to Men and Women by Arnold Bennett.