Bonus Story - The Veil Drops in Squaw Valley

I couldn’t resist another story from Steve Birch, one I cut from the last episode in the interest of time. I learned a new word from Steve in this one: Kenshō. For this story, recall that Steve is writing a book on discovering his family roots, a discovery that started with a family friend finding a photograph in a magazine of Steve’s great grandfather, a circus contortionist, which lead to discovering Steve’s long lost grandfather, Joe, and connecting with an entire branch of his family tree that he had never known.

Thanks again, Steve!

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Here’s the transcript:

OK. I had finished maybe the fifth writing of the book, and I have all kinds of marked up copies of the book, and I was feeling like I was getting close, and I met with a friend of mine, she worked with authors, she put together book tours, and stuff like that. And she did a lot of marketing. And I went to meet with her just to share what I’d been doing and to kind of pick her brain. And what I didn’t know was that she had also done some channeling and stuff, and it had become just too disturbing for her, so she put that aside.

But we’re having lunch, and we finish talking about the book and possibilities of how we might market it, because it’s not… it doesn’t fit in a typical niche. So she says, “So what are you doing? You have some kind of practice or something you’re doing these days to get clear and to stay connected?” And I say, “I’m not that guy. I don’t meditate. I don’t put much weight in that.” And then I said, “But there was one time when I was in Squaw Valley, and I had this experience where my grandfather had taken me through a series of steps, the spirit grandfather. It was like he was taking me by the hand, and he gave me a Kenshō experience, which is a spontaneous, sweeping, life-changing vision.

I was leaving the valley, I was going to go into town to do some more writing at a cafe there that I had found. The Olympic rings are still there from when the Winter Olympics were there in the ‘60s. And I looked over, and there was just like a mist over this clearing, and I saw a grid start to form. It was about this high off the ground. and then it started to separate out and turned into like multicolors, stuff. And I started hearing, if you’ve ever heard the sound of the multiphonic voices of Tibetan monks. I’m hearing that, and it’s blowing me away. I pull over to the side of the road. I’m in tears.

And then the next thing that happens is the veil drops. I was looking at the mountains, the sky, and all of a sudden, it just rolled away, like the backdrop in a theater, and all I saw was energy, bursts of energy. And it was like I’m sitting here, with the sensation… It’s hard to… It’s the hardest thing to describe, but the sensation was like I was at the center of a lotus blossom. And I saw ley lines going up the side of the mountains, once I could see the mountains again, there were ley lines going from me up the sides of the, I mean the middle of this mountain pass. And I’m just broken up. I’m just sitting there in this rental car, and I look up to the rearview mirror, and there’s my grandfather just with a wide open smile, laughing.

And that was the experience. It was something that changed everything. After that, I started seeing auras. I started seeing rainbow rings around the moon. And then I started tuning into it, and I started seeing rainbow rings around all light sources when I was in that zone.

So, I begin to tell her about this story, and at that moment, I felt my grandfather come down through me, like to the base of my spine, just this electric energy. And I tightened up, and she dropped her fork and said, “Did you feel that?” I said, “Yeah.” But she gets disturbed by it, because my grandfather is coming through to her. We’re sitting at the table. and she says, “What is this?” And she was going, “I don’t know this, but it’s clear, and he’s saying that you need to finish this book. He doesn’t even want you to rest. He doesn’t even want you to sleep. You have to finish this.” It’s like, this has to be done. And so, and then she apologizes, so I said, “That’s OK, I understand. I understand you don’t want to be in that zone anymore, but do you know someone who I could go to who could help me complete the picture?”

So I get booked, we go through this whole thing. I talk to all my relatives who are gone who were part of that nuclear family and the extended family, and filling gaps about, that I’m later able to go and verify about what happened through those years. And she’s trying to shut down the session. It’s coming close to the end. She wants to do some healing on me and clear my chakras.

So she’s trying to bring the thing down to an end, and I said, “So, are they still here?” And she said, “Oh yeah, they’re here to witness the healing.” I said, “I want to do one more thing.” And then my dad bursts in, because my dad’s gone at this point. And so she said, “Your dad, he has a thing he wanted to tell you. He said it’s really important that you know this. And he said you need to know that when he was a little boy, he used to love the circus.” I was writing this book all with circus themes throughout. I had the manuscript in my computer bag next to me. I had never mentioned anything about it to her.

And then before we go into the healing, I asked her, “So, is Joe still here?” She said, “Yeah.” I said, “Ask him what is it that I saw in Squaw Valley?” And she, so she’s doing her pendulum and she’s talking to him and getting messages, and she says, “No, no, no. Don’t show me. Don’t show me. Tell me so I can relay it.” And so they start arguing and stuff. It’s like she’s arguing with this person she’s channeling. And he’s saying, “I can’t explain it in words! That’s his spiritual experience. And there’s no way you can understand his spiritual experience.” And she’s pressing him more for words and stuff, and one of the things he had said a couple times was, “Receive the message in the book you’ll receive.” OK, what do I do with that? And then it came up again. And she pressed him on that a little bit, and he drew a circle of energy. She said, “I’ve never seen this, but he drew this circle.” And she said, “I don’t know what that means.” But then he said again, “Receive the message in the book you’ll receive.”

So I went home. I slept through the night and then woke up about 4 o’clock, you know, lucid dream state, was encased in this like blanket of energy. But I started seeing these images. I wanted to stay in that state, so I closed my eyes, and I started seeing images flying by, and then they slow down and stop. And Cathy’s, she is like a sister from another life. She used to be the manager of the bookstore at the church. It was a picture of her just standing in the bookstore smiling with the stacks of books behind her. And then it stopped, and I woke up.

So I’m at the church, and Cathy is working in the bookstore. So I go, and tell her the whole story about everything, tell her about “you’ll receive the message in the book you’ll receive,” and I’m talking about all the family and all the pain in the family and finding these relatives, and the whole thing. And I mentioned… I said, “So let me know if that book appears.” And she said, “I know exactly what the book is.” So she went into the back room and came out with a book, and it’s called Remembering Wholeness. And she got this sly little smile on her face and said, “I’ve been holding this book in the back room for months. I keep forgetting to send it back to the publisher.” She said, “It came to us, and half of the book is bound upside down.” She said, “It’s contorted.”

And she went on to say, “There’s an exercise she does in the book where she has you draw a circle of energy in your imagination on the floor” I said, “Woah.” And she said the underlying message in the book is that there comes a time in people’s life, in some family’s life, some very broken families, there will be opportunities will arise where someone can step in and heal for themselves, for future generations, and also for the generations that came before. She said it’s a rare occurrence, but it sounds like that’s what happened.

So that was… But it was so cool, you know? And it’s just… It’s all very pedestrian. It just happens in my life. People sit down next to me in Starbucks or something and strike up a conversation. The next thing, we’re, God, we’re in another world. It’s like we’ve known each other. You know? That’s what lights me up. That’s what lights me up.