Episode 016 - Landing in America

Today, Flora shares her story of landing in America, shortly before her 9th birthday, with her grandfather holding one hand and her 5-year-old brother holding the other. Knowing only a handful of English words, she leaves the familiar and familial world of Dhaka, Bangladesh behind to start a new life in Queens, New York. Will she survive the culture shock of the London and Newark airports, with their western toilets, masses of white people, and public displays of affection? Will she recognize her mother after their three long years apart?



Our theme music is "Start Again" by Monk Turner + Fascinoma. I made our outro music and a couple of the piano interludes on Soundation. Other music in this episode is:

6:42    "Ahista Ahista" by Navatman Music Collective

11:58    "Piano Version, in B" by Monk Turner + Fascinoma

14:21    "Raag (Youtube)" by Vinod Prasanna × Okey Szoke × Pompey

Sorry, no transcript this time. You'll just have to listen!