Episode 013 - Season 2 Preview

Welcome back for Season 2! We're excited about keeping this project rolling along, and we've made a couple of improvements along the way.

First, I'm done trying to record on my laptop. I purchased a Zoom H5 recorder that I quite like, and I've just added a second microphone, a Shure SM48 microphone to use with the recorder so Flora can do the two-mic style interviewing she likes best. I chose a balance of frugality, because I can't really afford for this to turn into a ridiculously expensive hobby, and quality, because it's a turnoff listening to poor audio quality recordings. Win win!

Second, I looked into using Creative Commons license music, because while I enjoy playing with Soundation and making background music myself, having a full-time job, a kid, and a girlfriend, there's only so much time in the day. Besides, I get a much richer range of music to fit the emotional tone of the interviews when actual musicians are making it. Hopefully I don't screw up the attributions required for Creative Commons.

The first is our new theme song, "Start Again" by Monk Turner + Fascinoma. The lyrics fit right in with our message. We're all starting again every day, in my opinion. Words and music by B.A. Monk Turner, Alanna Lin, and Chad Bloom.

We have some new collaborations coming this season, too, and we're always looking for more. If you have music you'd like to share for attribution, you'd like to help write or perform fiction pieces, or you have a story of transformation you'd like to tell, let me know! I'm at rod@rodhaden.com. We're always looking for new content, new stories, new relationships, and new things to try.

See you soon for Season 2!